About Us

Nile Capital Group is a sector-focused, operationally-oriented private equity firm specializing in providing capital and services to talented, boutique, niche, and diverse asset managers of superior growth potential. Our veteran team has extensive experience in the operations of asset management firms and have built successful track records in identifying talent, generating growth, and enhancing the quality of investment firms in the process of creating value for investors.


We believe by identifying talented asset management teams at a critical inflection point in their firm’s life cycle and partnering with investors to take a meaningful equity stake, we will generate superior, asymmetrical risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Our impact approach has created meaningful jobs in a dynamic growth sector.


Our Team

Nile is a consensus-driven organization where each professional’s unique experience base contributes to the overall strategy. The team consists primarily of operating executives with deep expertise in the asset management industry. The team works to support the operating initiatives of the portfolio companies' management teams with capabilities and resources typically unavailable to small and mid-sized asset management firms. Nile’s highly collaborative group of operating professionals, most who have worked together for more than a decade, have a unique combination of leadership positions, portfolio management, risk management, sales, marketing and strategy expertise, industry relationships and transaction experience to help management teams build great businesses.