Manager Identification

Nile has committed to becoming the partner of choice for talented asset managers interested in creating institutionally robust businesses.

Nile’s operating professionals will work proactively with existing management and staff to assess and implement operating and strategic initiatives that help to methodically grow AUM and rationalize costs. Nile’s role is to help set priorities, enhance Sales, Marketing and Strategy (SMS) and connect you with our extensive network of functional experts, while also applying our own experiences as operators, board members and mentors of executives.

We are open to a variety of post-closing economic arrangements based upon the specifics of the situation.

“We chose to partner with Nile because of their extensive knowledge of the industry landscape and their strong support and understanding of what we are trying to build at Denali. Nile has helped our team with a diverse set of growth initiatives that have helped to drive our business. Their insight, guidance, and support has allowed us to continue the management of our business while executing our strategic vision. It is difficult today to grow a small investment firm; but we’ve more than doubled AUM since partnering with Nile just over a year ago. We also have a much better platform for continued future growth than we would have on our own. And they are also a wonderful team personally to work with. Other private equity firms don’t come close to the team support Nile has provided.”

- Bob Snigaroff, President & Chief Investment Officer, Denali Advisors

Next Steps

We understand and respect the effort and relationship building it took to bring your company to the point where you are discussing it with us. As such, we work collaboratively with you in how we will move the company forward together. We believe we offer:
Highly responsive communication
Immediate Feedback
Interaction with our senior team at each phase of the process
Ability to leverage our deep network of relationships to assist in operations, recruiting management talent, and add value post-closing
An economic arrangement tailored to your specific situation
Interested in Learning More?

If you are a talented manager and considering taking on a partner and have a firm that fits our investment criteria, we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you in person or via conference call. Please feel free to contact Henry Brandon at or Prasad Nanisetty at or you can call us at (310) 773-0714 to arrange a meeting.

We believe that few firms can match the industry expertise resident at Nile.